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Paul Oakenfold And The Bourne Sessions: Live At The Winter Music Conference

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By all accounts an absolute highlight of this year's Winter Music Conference was "The Bourne Sessions"--a power-packed  80-minute performance by world-renowned DJ/producer Paul Oakenfold.

Shot at Miami's fashionable Mansion club to a packed house, Oakenfold's set featured members of the Florida Classical Symphony as well as a high-energy appearance by Gnarls Barkley's own Cee-Lo Green.

Oakenfold's appearance was memorable on many levels, not least because of his participation in providing the soundtrack to Sierra Entertainment's upcoming Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy video game. As evidenced on this world premiere of the "Falling" video from The Bourne Conspiracy game, Oakenfold, his music, and the high-tech, dazzling graphics of video gaming are partnering in ways never before conceived.

"The 'Falling' music video represents an unprecedented convergence between three industries--video games, music, and Hollywood," says Ben Kusin, creator of the Bourne Sessions initiative. "We are using the Bourne Conspiracy video game to illustrate a cinematic vignette, set to a score from two musical icons. Our hope was to raise the bar on how video games are presented--and, in turn, perceived by their audience."

The notion of creative covergence was at the heart of the "Falling" music video, notes its director, Brian Adler. "Creatively, my goal was to immerse the viewer into a seamless experience. I always tried to visualize everything with one 'camera lens' for the original game play, animation and performance."


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For your pleasure, Yahoo! Music's new MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE blog now presents the complete 80-minute set by Oakenfold, featuring members of the Florida Classical Symphony and, quite conspicuously, Cee Lo--a powerful and delightful singer who, with Oakenfold's backing, mesmerized the club audience.

We'll be presenting "The Bourne Sessions" in four separate acts, and we suspect you're going to love what you see. And hear.

Come back tomorrow for the follow up!

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