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Rob Thomas: Onstage And Very Live

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With his latest album Cradlesong making some significant noise in the marketplace, Rob Thomas--known to most as the lead singer of Matchbox Twenty--continues to impress.

Thomas's songwriting ability is growing by leaps and bounds, as witnessed by some of the heavier topics covered on the new album and the melodic hooks in which they are couched. But however strong his ability to craft solid pieces of stirring rock 'n' roll, it may be in the live context--onstage, where the singer has spent much of his public life since Matchbox Twenty's 1996 debut Yourself Or Someone Like You--that Thomas has really made his mark.

Need proof? Check out this performance of "Lonely No More" from Thomas's latest DVD, Something To Be Tour - Live At Red Rocks. It captures him at his finest and shows that today's very best artists are the ones whose talent comes across both in the recording studio and onstage.

Info for his upcoming tour is available here.

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