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Robbie Robertson Returns: Deluxe, Collectible And One Very Limited Edition

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It's been a long time since musical icon Robbie Robertson has stepped into the big bad world of the contemporary record business--and to say he's been missed would be a significant understatement.

How To Become Clairvoyant, his new album, saw the respected Band founder debut at the highest chart position of his distinguished solo career--and the reviews, from all quarters, uniformly gushed with enthusiasm. And rightly so.

Filled with an impressive array of musicians from all musical spheres--including Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Trent Reznor, Rom Morello and Robert Randolph among others--the album was something of a thematic break for Robertson: It was, unusually for him, surprisingly autobiographical. Additionally, significant collaboration with Clapton, whom Robertson has long known, added some textures and shape that might surprise some longtime listeners. All told, it a bold, sonically adventurous record that marks a highpoint for a career that remains one of the most truly legendary in the world of popular music.

But it doesn't end there: How To Become Clairvoyant is now available in a Limited Edition Collector's Set edition that, as these sort of packages go, is fairly mind-blowing.

Limited to 2,500 copies, individually numbered and signed by Robertson, the set offers a wealth of material--sonic and visual--that is virtually unrivaled in its scope: An art book featuring contributions from the likes of conceptual artist Richard Prince, photographer Anton Corbin, actor/magician Ricky Jay, among others; a set of 5 12"x12" limited edition signed lithographs, including one featuring the 2011 Robbie Robertson commemorative Canadian stamp; a set of eight tarot cards designed by David Jordan Williams; a bonus CD bearing 10 additional tracks; three 180-gram clear vinyl LPs, and a DVD containing multitrack files of three of the album's songs, intended for users to create their own mixes. Details of all this and more can be found here:

Yahoo! Music was thrilled to have the man himself come visit our Santa Monica studios last week, where he graciously shared details about the new album, his motivation for creating the deluxe Collector's Set, and his overall take on the contemporary music scene--which was refreshing, wise, and about what you'd expect from a man whose impact on contemporary music continues to be felt daily. See for yourself.


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