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Ron Sexsmith: Plays Long, Blooms Late!

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One of the most acclaimed singer-songwriters of recent times, Ron Sexsmith has a knack for combining lyrics and melody in an unusually artful way.

And the singer, whose 1995 self-titled debut album started a wave of critical acclaim that has yet to subside, seems to only get better with time.

His latest album--Long Player Late Bloomer--is his 11th, and like those that preceded it, it's filled with gorgeous, memorable melodies and lyrics that at times are strikingly personal. But this time out, something is indeed different: the album was produced by Bob Rock, whose previous work with Metallica, Motley Crue and the Cult might not make him seem the likeliest of choices for an artist of Sexsmith's subtlety.

But the results couldn't be any better: Song for song, Long Player Late Bloomer leaps out at the listener--arrangements are crisp and varied, and the melodic hooks could not be any more apparent...or appealing.

Y! Music was fortunate enough to get a mid-afternoon audience with the Sexsmith recently at Austin's recent South By Southwest music conference; in our small and informal "bedroom studio," Sexsmith discussed the making of his new album, the development of his career, and proved an affable, highly interesting individual. Additionally, he offered up two acoustic performances of songs from Long Player Late Bloomer--and they couldn't be finer. See for yourself.

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