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Sarah McLachlan: The Closer Interview And Performance

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This Tuesday sees the release of Closer: The Best Of Sarah McLachlan, a compilation of some of the Canadian-born artist's best work released to celebrate the 20th anniversary of her recording career--which began with her celebrated Touch, released in 1988.

The compilation--available as a single CD and limited-edition double CD package--is a worthy reminder that McLachlan, who has sold over 40 million recordings worldwide, has had a hand in producing intelligent, well written music more consistently throughout the years than a surprising number of her contemporaries.

Alongside McLachlan's better known tracks--"Good Enough," "Building A Mystery," "I Will Remember You" and "Fallen"--are two new recordings co-produced by the singer and her longtime collaborator Pierre Marchand, "U Want Me 2" and "Don't Give Up On Us."

Check out the following interview with McLachlan, in which she discusses her career, as well as a captivating performance of new track "Don't Give Up On Us."


While we're at it, you may want to watch some of the earlier interviews and performances Ms. McLachlan has done with Y! Music over the years. We're big fans of hers--always have been--and we're happy to showcase her and her very distinguished body of work. She's tops!

Here she is back in 2005: 


And a nice archive interview from 2003:

Always a solid writer and performer, McLachlan has a consistency that shines like a beacon on Closer. See--and hear--for yourself.

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