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Saving Abel: All Hands On Deck!

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Saving Abel proved able to save more than, uh, Abel, thanks to their generous participation in the USO's concert at sea earlier this year. In fact, among those saved were more than 2,000 sailors--all of whom were returning home after a three-month deployment at sea--who got to watch the band rock out royally aboard the USS Carl Vinson on their way back home.

But this was by no means a casual fling. The group's latest album Miss America was actually titled after the band's previous USO tour through Kuwait and Iraq and inspired by the service and spirit of American troops and their families. "Just being out there with those men and women who do so much for us and the country we live in, we really wanted to give them something back," says the band's singer Jared Weeks. "So for all of us, Miss America was the perfect name, for a perfect situation."

The band was warmly received--as you can perhaps tell by the accompanying photo--and as a follow-up to their self-titled, gold debut album, Miss America looks likely to inspire more fans than ever. Check out the performances below and see if you don't agree!

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