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Seether Gets A Little Country In Exclusive Acoustic Performance

Tiffany Lee
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One of the foremost post-grunge bands of the last decade, Seether, well, continues to seethe with ashy, angst-ridden rock and introspective lyrics. Six albums and a few lineup changes later, Seether is dropping their latest album Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray with the first single "Country Song."

Considering they're from South Africa their take on country rock is actually quite seamless. Seeing them perform acoustically only reinforces my suspicion, that hey, if the rock thing doesn't work out for Seether, they'd do well with country!

We've got an exclusive acoustic performance from Seether playing in what looks like a liberal arts college dorm. While the Vedder/Cobain growl may have died out with lesser bands, it fits lead singer Shaun Morgan like a tattered, fingerless glove.

As I've said about a lot of acoustic performances, it's always interesting to see a rock band without the squall of the crowd and the boom of stadium speakers. It breaks them down to their essential pieces, where suddenly these pierced and tattooed ruffians become the thoughtful artists they are.

Check out the performance of their latest single "Country Song," along with "Rise Above this" from their 2007 release Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces and their breakout single "Broken" in it's original, acoustic, Amy Lee of Evanescence-less form. Their latest album Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray was released this week.


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