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SXSW 2009 ARTIST ALERT: Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance

The music festival South By Southwest--Austin, Texas's four-day spree of beer, BBQ, and bands (althoughnot necessarily in that exact order)--kicked off today, and I of coursewasted no time indulging in all three B's,hightailing it directly from the Austin airport to my first party of the dayover at Maggie Mae's on 6th Street. But ironically that beer bash was hosted by Spaceland, a rock club in my own nativeL.A.--so thereI was, hundreds of miles from my usual turf, still running into the same Angelenoscenesters that I socialize with on a near-nightly basis back home.

But there was one gaggle of exotic party guests, who'd traveled all the way from Denmark toentertain the Maggie Mae's masses,and that was the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Best known in America so farfor their maddeningly catchy single "Around The Bend," as heard in arecent iPod Touch commercial, AGT certainly stood out from the rest of theskinny-jeaned, fringe-haircutted bands playing the Spaceland party. Dressed inearly-'90 retrowear (think JesusJones/Deee-Lite/Information Society club-kid attire) and mixing up new-jackR&B with twee indie jangle in a most peculiar and most wonderful way, theirfun and funky-fresh set was a perfect kickoff to SXSW.

Of course, I had to get to know these great Danes (whosesure-to-be-juicy debut album, Fruit, comes out in Americathis May) a little better. So I took the two main Asteroids, Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen, around thebend--or, more specifically, over to a semi-quiet side street off 6th. (There's no such thing as a totally quiet side street in downtown Austin, as this chaotic clipmakes readily apparent.) There we chatted about their impression of Texas and Americain general, their big break courtesy of iPod, their unexpected R&B influences, theother SXSW bands they'll be seeingin between their booked-solid festival appearances, and--perhaps most importantly--whether ornot they've actually ever playedAsteroids.

Game on:

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