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SXSW 2009 ARTIST ALERT: Passion Pit

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance

It's not easybeing the big buzz band on everyone'slips at South By Southwest. There's a lot of pressure involved. Expectations run so high that unless you're hotter than Stubb'sBBQ sauce, you're likely to garnerthe backlashing wrath of every snarky blogger logged on within a one-mileradius of downtown Austin.

Luckily, Passion Pit'sSXSW shows have been on five-alarm fire. The quirky synth-rock Bostonians havebeen one THE hot Austin tickets this week, and at the Spin magazine partyat Stubb's Friday afternoon, they more thanheld their own on a bill alongside Echo & The  Bunnymen, Glasvegas, the Black Lips, and ex-Darknessfrontman Justin Hawkins' new bandHot Leg.

Passion Pit were understandably much in demand at SXSW,so the only place I could get a little time with the boys was on a patch ofgrass in the noisy backstage area of the Spin party. So this interview isliterally buzzy, soundwise. But over the din we chatted about garnering a buzzand getting buzzed--every rock band'stwo main goals at SXSW--and we had a lovely time.

Here'show it went:


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