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SXSW 2009 ARTIST ALERT: Your Vegas

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance

One of the great things about South By Southwest is that, tounintentionally quote Radiohead, meeting people is easy. And re-meeting peopleis easy, too: You can just be stumbling down 6th Street and run into random rockerfriends from around the globe.

I first met Leeds-bred, New York-based band Your Vegas atSXSW 2008, when I interviewed them and had the privilege of catching a privateacoustic performance at Gibson Studios on Congress (see second clip below). Atthat point I openly predicted that they would be huge. Like, U2-huge. The guyslooked like heathrobby rock stars, had fabulously windblown/widescreen epicanthems, and the singer, Coyle Girelli, could reach octaves that even JustinHawkins might struggle with. I was convinced that Your Vegas was the NextColdplay.

Well, then Coldplay got around to releasing Viva La Vida and spoiled that plan. Ihave no other logical explanation for why Your Vegas is not planet-conquering,stadium-selling-out massive yet (especially since they were so well-received ontheir 2008 tour opening for Duran Duran), and why they were back at SXSW thisyear looking for a new record deal. But I am glad that I randomly re-met the band at theCarrera Cafe in Austinon Saturday (like I said, bumping into people at SXSW is inevitable), and I'm still convinced that arena A-list status is in YourVegas's future.

I mean, just lookat the magnetism in this impromptu Coyle interview at the Carrera. The guy's totally a star:

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