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The Fall And Rise Of Norah Jones

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It's no small event when an artist as musical and commercially successful as Norah Jones joins us in the Yahoo! Music Studios--and her appearance here a few weeks ago was about the best possible holiday present any of us could imagine.

In town to promote her superb new album The Fall, Norah--whose career sales have just surpassed 40 million worldwide--brought an amazing band into the studio with her. Included among the cast of musician's musicians were Sasha Dobson (guitar, backing vocals and percussion), John Kirby (keyboards), Joey Waronker (drums), Gus Seyffert (bass) and Smokey Hormel (guitar).

The Fall, Jones' new LP, in some ways represents a shift from the "girl at her piano" image that the massive success of her 2002 debut Come Away With Me could not help but cultivate. It's superb. The varied arrangements, the upbeat nature of several numbers, even the fact that, as you'll see, she now often stands while energetically performing--some might say it's a whole new Norah.

Take a look.


Next week, look for Blue Note Records to release the Chasing Pirates Remix EP, which takes the song she performs above in many different, colorful directions. Additionally, at the end of the month we'll see  whether Norah scores yet another Grammy: She's nominated in the Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals category for her due with Willie Nelson on "Baby It's Cold Outside" on his American Classic album.

Meanwhile, watch this fascinating  interview Norah did in our studio for a few hints as to what she might plan on doing next.

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