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The SXSW 2010 Interview With…The Drums

Lyndsey Parker
Maximum Performance

Synthpoppers Elkand (formerly Goat Explosion) were one of my favorite under-the-radar indie bands of the mid-2000s, and when they split in 2005 I thought it was a shame that they'd never made it big. But now ex-Elklanders Jonathan Pierce and Jacob Graham are back with a new Brooklyn buzz band, the Drums--and judging from the reception they've received both in the U.K. (where they just won an NME Award for Best New Band) and at Austin's South By Southwest festival this week, the Drums may soon enjoy the fame and acclaim that unjustly eluded Elkand.

Ditching their old electropop keyboards for guitars but maintaining their former group's cool Cold War sound, the Drums are one of the most promising new bands of the past year and one of SXSW's main attractions this year. So I was quite excited to get some face-time with the in-demand band. However, speaking of cold, it was f-f-f-f-reezing in Austin the day I met up with the Drums--so we had no choice but to bundle up in the backseat of the Drums' van for warmth, and conduct our quite cozy interview there. However, given the strong bond between the bandmates (Jonathan and Jacob are old childhood pals; the Drums' first song was "Best Friend"; and they even all live together, Monkees-style), the close quarters didn't seem to bother the guys much.

Check out my very up-close SXSW backseat interview with the Drums below:


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