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San Francisco Bay area quintet Thriving Ivory have been making significant noise in various areas of the country since the demo of their "Angels Of The Moon" was picked up by an area radio station early in their career and given a royal reception by local listeners.

Signed to Wind-up Records, the band--consisting of Scott Jason (piano & keys), Clayton Stroope (vocals), Drew Cribley (guitars), Bret Cohune (bass), and Paul Niedermier (drums)--has continuned to garner favor in several West Coast states.

Perhaps most notably, the band's been drawing raves in the Salt Lake City area, where local radio picked up on the "Angel Of The Moon" single and sales of the band's Wind-up debut have topped local charts.

Check out several tracks here from the band's recent live performance at Salt Lake City's Murray Theater, which drew over a thousand fans for their first appearance ever in the area. Do they rock? It would appear they do!






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