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U2: The Y! Music Interview, Part 3

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One of the most memorable moments of U2's lengthy career was--by the band's own account--their participation in the celebration of the inauguration of new US president Barack Obama.

Playing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, this band--this Irish band--was inescapably awestruck.

"We were invited to this moment in American history, and it was an incredible moment in time," says the Edge. "And I had this experience where we're walking out and looking towards the Washington Monument. I had this unbelievable sense of déjà vu, because we had used the footage of Martin Luther King making the speech that he made--the Mountaintop Speech--from the same spot in the '60s on our screens for a couple of tours. So I knew that image so well. But now, seeing it live..."

Adds Bono: "To find yourself on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial--where he gave his 'I Have A Dream' speech, and to be asked to be there by this president, who in many ways was squaring the circle, and part of realizing Dr. King's dream--that was a very special moment for us."

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