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U2 Triumph At Denver’s Unofficial End-Of-The-World Gig

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It was long awaited and much discussed, but at 8:45 pm Denver time, the second coming--of rockers U2, that is--arrived in full force at Invesco Field, the home of the Denver Broncos, and on this Saturday night, the return of U2's outrageously successful 360 tour.

That this night was also supposed to cap the so-called End Of Days did not go unnoticed by lead singer Bono, who from the stage dedicated the band's "Until The End Of The World" to Harold Camping, the religious figure who rather conspicuously declared this date to be the official day of rapture--much to Camping's chagrin, one suspects, if you're still able to read this.

"To be taken up to the air sounds like fun to me, just as long as [U2 drummer] Larry Mullen is with me," declared Bono from the stage,"God is in the house." As were, it should be noted, over 70,000 paying fans.

The night's opener, which we're happy to present here, was an electrifying version of "Even Better Than The Real Thing." Check it out for yourself and watch a band very much at the peak of their powers. 

The current tour, which had been delayed due to singer Bono's unfortunate back injury, has resumed and is set to take the Irish superstars throughout the US and Canada through July.

The band's performance in Denver--as well as during most earlier dates--has been widely praised by critics, and the 360 Tour has been officially declared the most successful tour of all time: Estimates currently see final ticket sales as surpassing the $700 million mark, and an overall paying audience of over 7 million people.

Earlier this week, the band offered up this communiqué to fans regarding their return to the stage. Spirits are high, and as Saturday night's performance in Denver illustrated, quite justifiably.

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