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Watch Amos Lee’s Moving Live Set At Dominion, NY

Tiffany Lee
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Like warm molasses poured over a broken heart, the soulful, blues-folk sounds of Amos Lee is unmistakably soothing, yet moving. The Philadelphia singer-songwriter needs little more than an acoustic guitar and a soapbox to stand upon to spin the lovelorn parables and lifelong truths his music delves into.

Working in a jazz record store during school, then as an elementary school teacher and bartender, Lee's first self-released EP caught the ear of Norah Jones in 2004, who invited him to tour with her. Since, he's toured with music giants like Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and Elvis Costello. Four albums later, his smooth, all-encompassing sound is at its most mature with his latest release Mission Bell, produced by Calexico's Joey Burns. Willie Nelson and Lucinda Williams (with whom he just wrapped a brief tour) and many others guest on Bell.

But only with your own eyes and ears can you experience the depth of Lee's sound. So take in these exclusive live videos of Amos Lee performing "Behind Me Now," "Cup Of Sorrow," "Hello Again," and "Violin" at a private gig in Manhattan's Dominion NY venue. Lee's Live From SoHo EP, recorded at the SoHo, NYC Apple Store drops August 16 on iTunes. To pre-order the EP, visit

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