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Why Pink Floyd? Pink Floyd’s Nick Mason Tells Us

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Among the year's most highly anticipated releases are the new reissues of Pink Floyd's majestic album catalog--which, from the standpoint of packaging, sound quality, and audio and video extras, rank among the most deluxe treatment any rock 'n' roll band has ever received.

That the band has sold over 200 million records worldwide since releasing their first album in 1967 may have something to do with that.

Still, the depth of the band's deep catalog--which ranges from enormously popular albums like The Dark Side Of The Moon (1973), The Wall (1979) and Wish You Were Here(1975), lesser-heard gems like the soundtracks to More (1969) and La Vallée  (Obscured By Clouds) (1972), to their classic 1967 debut The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn--means that very few Floyd albums sound ­alike, and all are worthwhile investments.

And if one cares to invest in a newly remastered version of Dark Side Of The Moon, they now can buy it as a CD, as a digital download, as a vinyl LP, in a 2-disc "Experience" version, in a 6-disc "Immersion" version, or as one of the 14 Floyd albums contained in a newly issued box set collection. Soon to come will be similarly blown-out versions of Wish You Were Here (on Nov. 7) and The Wall (Feb. 27, 2012).

Y! Music had the opportunity to speak with Pink Floyd's drummer and founding member Nick Mason in the offices of Capitol Records recently--and what he had to say was charming, informative, and certain to be of interest to any fan of the band and its uniquely colorful history.  See if you don't agree.

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