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Wolfmother: Guitar Hero 5 Fridays on Yahoo! Music

Lyndsey Parker
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When Australian power-rockers Wolfmother issued forth their self-titled opus in 2005, it was heralded as a harbinger of the Return Of Rock. With their noodly extendo-jams and bludgeoning riffage; trippy lyrical allusions to netherworldly dimensions, unicorns, witches, pyramids and gnomes; and hirsute, frequently tunic-clad rock-god frontdude Andrew Stockdale, Wolfmother seemed like the new Led Zeppelin, or at least the new Black Sabbath or Blue Cheer, for the millennial age. Accolades and awards (including a Best Hard Rock Performance Grammy, beating out the frontrunning likes of Tool, System Of A Down, and Nine Inch Nails), ensued, as did the arena-based kindling of thousands of Bic cigarette lighters.

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But then, Wolfmother went the way of the mythical unicorn and totally disappeared. All band members except for Stockdale departed the lineup, and while Stockdale completely rebuilt his once-mighty band with new players, FOUR long years elapsed. Now, rock years are like dog years, as music fans tend to be a fickle, next-big-thing-seeking bunch. So four years for other bands would be a totally career-suicidal hiatus. But let's face it, there is no bigger thing than the sound of Wolfmother's guitar rock roaring out of the speakers. And with Guitar Hero inspiring countless bedroom-dwelling would-be rock stars to thrash along to hamfisted 'Mother blitzkriegs like "Woman," the band still remained a favorite with fans despite the long break.

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So now the revamped Wolfmother are finally set to return with sophomore album Cosmic Egg, with all their buzz still abuzz. To celebrate their revival, they performed a private gig at the Roxy on L.A.'s Sunset Strip for Yahoo! Music's new live concert program, Guitar Hero 5 Fridays--and they rocked like they never went away.

It was the 'Mother of all rock 'n' roll shows:


And check out Stockdale's interview taped upstairs at On The Rox, in which he discussed his band's near-demise and subsequent rebirth, how the new lineup has affected Wolfmother's sound, and how Guitar Hero has helped fans discover his band's music:

Want to see Wolfmother live in person? Check out their tourdates.

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