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Austin Mahone on Recovery From Blood Clot: 'I'm Taking It One Step at a Time"

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Austin Mahone fans can breathe a sigh of relief. The pop singer and teen heartthrob is on the mend and recovering nicely after a major health scare.

The 17-year-old "What About Love" crooner gave his legions of fans a good fright a few weeks ago when he announced on Twitter that he had a blood clot on his throat, and subsequently posted a photo of himself in a hospital gown on Instagram with the caption, "I've never felt so bad."

The YouTube sensation, frequently dubbed The Next Justin Bieber, had to postpone his MTV Artist to Watch tour to recover. His doctors prescribed antibiotics and lots of rest — requiring him to dial back a rigorous schedule that would often see him waking up at 3 a.m. and going nearly 24 hours at a time without sleep.

Mahone explained that he was rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago after feeling an incredibly painful bump in his throat. "Every time I swallowed it would be scratchy, it would hurt, and I had the chills," Mahone told People, adding, "it made my throat hurt so bad, for three days straight I wasn't even eating solid food."

Thankfully he's doing much better now, and odds are good that Mahomies won't have to wait much longer before he'll be back on the road again.

"I feel a lot better," Mahone said. "I’m still trying to get to 100 percent, but I'm taking it one step at a time."

We're sure it will be a big relief to be out of his hospital gown and back on solid foods, which he avoided for a while because of the pain. "I was drinking a bunch of Muscle Milk and not getting actual meals," he told Rolling Stone. "When I was in the doctor's office, all I wanted was a cheeseburger."

This past year the burgeoning star has received more than his fair share of accolades, including an MTV VMA for Artist to Watch, and a Young Hollywood Award for Breakout Artist. His single, "What About Love," hit the Top 20 on the Billboard charts in several countries.

Mahone's fans will be happy to hear that he has been hitting the gym for some light workouts to help him recover, and that he has a performance scheduled in less than a month, kicking off a series of Jingle Ball concerts across the country, starting in Dallas on Dec. 2. His MTV Artist to Watch tour has been rescheduled for February. In the meantime, his new single, "Banga! Banga!" is slated for a Nov. 10 release, and is sure to set many hearts a-flutter as he croons about his perfect girl.

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