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Carly Rae Jepsen, Owl City May Have to Pay $800,000 in Copyright Suit

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Carly Rae Jepsen may be singing a new tune, "Call My Accountant." She and collaborator Adam Young of Owl City have had more than $800,000 of their royalties put on hold — at least temporarily — in a copyright lawsuit tied to their top 10 hit "Good Time."

The "Call Me Maybe" and "Fireflies" singers — along with songwriters Matt Thiessen and Brian Lee, several song publishers, and performing rights organizations — were sued by Allyson "Ally" Burnett back in October 2012. In the suit, Burnett claimed that Jepsen and Young stole her unique vocal motif in her 2010 song "Ah, It's a Love Song." The lawsuit noted "the substantial similarity between the Original Motif and the Copied striking under any standard of proof."

Although there's yet to be a ruling in the case, TMZ reports performing-rights organization BMI has reached an agreement with Burnett and have placed $804,156 in royalties from "Good Time" in an escrow account. With the funds apparently coming her way, Burnett has agreed to drop BMI from the lawsuit, according to TMZ. Other performing rights organizations ASCAP and SESAC were also named in the lawsuit, but it wasn't immediately known if they've taken similar action.

The lead attorney on the case, Jason Graham of the Atlanta-based law firm Graham and Penman, was in court on Friday and unavailable for comment. However, we were able to reach attorney Neville Johnson of the Beverly Hills-based Johnson and Johnson law firm, who is also working on the case. He downplayed the development saying, "There's no story. All that's happened is some money have been moved into an escrow account." Johnson couldn't confirm that BMI was dropped from the lawsuit pointing us to Graham, who was unavailable.

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