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Don't Worry, Justin Bieber Is Still Shirtless in Racy New "All That Matters" Video

Tiffany Lee
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Sheer curtains and red lights? The Biebs sure is mature for 19. Justin Bieber got a racy R&B treatment in his music video for "All That Matters." It's not half as racy as the lyrics in his "PYD" track with R.Kelly (obvi, it's Kellz afterall) but Bieber still raises some eyebrows in the sexy video.

Items of note:

* The video isn't a breakthrough in film innovation, but we were relieved to see there were a few seconds of shirtless pelvic thrusting. Whew!

* Apparently canoodling on a motorcycle is the latest music video trend, after Kim and Kanye's bumpy straddling in their "Bound 2" video. In Bieber's case, his female love interest keeps her clothes on, but the pair was nevertheless giving each other a good pat down. The motorcycle appears to be a stock '60s era Honda CB.

* Who's the babely blonde? She's San Diego native Caitlin Russo, a 19-year-old professional model, who was chosen by Bieber and his label after seeing her casting video.

* Beliebers have banded together for a campaign to break Vevo's 24 hour viewing record, currently held by Miley Cyrus. Her "Wrecking Ball" video garnered over 19 million views in the first 24 hours. "All That Matters" debuted Monday night at 7:30pm, and has only reached a bit over three million on Youtube, then 2 million on Vevo by midday on Tuesday. Will he beat Miley? We're thinking not. But "PYD" certainly has the stuff to make Miley look like a nun if they take the lyrics literally for the video. All bets are on that video if it every materializes.

* Then we decided to do some of our own directing:

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Gif by Tiffany Lee

What do you think of Justin Bieber's new "All That Matters" video?

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