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Feel the Love: The 10 Most Romantic Music Videos of All Time

Lyndsey Parker
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Sure, lots of music videos feature scantily clad sexpots and shirtless himbos, but some vids really bring the sensuality and romance. So, just in time for Valentine's Day, Yahoo Music offers the 10 sexiest, makeout-filled music videos ever, all guaranteed to fog up your computer monitor.

10. Lenny Kravitz — "Black Velveteen"
This blaxploitation-esque video made FHM magazine's list of the Top 100 Sexiest Music Videos, along with another one of Lenny's clips, "Fly Away." Other videos on FHM's list include the extremely tasteful "Thong Song," "Baby Got Back," "Me So Horny," and "Girls Girls Girls." We prefer this entry.

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 9. Buzzcocks — "Thunder of Hearts"
The Buzzcocks are certainly no strangers to heartbreak — their song titles include "Love Is Lies," "You Say You Don't Love Me," "Nothing Left," and "Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn't Have)?" — but they're included here because of this video's many gratuitous makeout scenes. Watch and feel the punk-rock love.

8. Bryan Ferry — "Slave to Love"
This Roxy Music sex symbol may make the ladies swoon — he's so suave, he was reportedly even once approached to play James Bond — but that didn't stop his onetime girlfriend, Texan supermodel Jerry Hall, from dumping him for Mick Jagger. Think Jerry regrets that decision now? She really should. Imagine how her future Valentine's Days might have panned out if she'd stayed with this classy gentleman.

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7. Kylie Minogue — "All the Lovers"
So what's sexier than a bunch of people polyamorously making out in a Buzzcocks video? How about a mountain of underwear-clad hotties making out in their underwear in the city streets? Here's one mountain we wouldn't mind climbing.

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6. Fonzerelli — "Dreamin' (Of a Hot Summer's Night)"
Ah, summer lovin'. Danny Zuko and Sandy ain't got nothing on this star-crossed, sun-tanned pair, whose romantic antics in beautiful Barcelona are a feast for the senses. Why aren't our vacations this hot?

5. Marilyn Manson — "Heart-Shaped Glasses"
Marilyn and his Lolita-like girlfriend at the time, Evan Rachel Wood, got down and dirty in this racy video, sparking speculation as to whether they'd actually done the deed on camera. If they didn't, all we can say is Evan is one heck of an actress.

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4. Seal — "Secret"
Seal flaunted his former status as The Luckiest Man in the World in this sexy, steamy, slightly softcore black-and-white clip (from his album "Seal 6: Commitment," which was entirely dedicated to his perfect future ex-wife and kids). As he and his gorgeously lit, completely naked supermodel spouse Heidi Klum groped each other for the gauze-lensed cameras, voyeuristic viewers probably felt pretty inadequate about their own love lives and/or not-quite-as-flawless nude bodies. A few artistic close-ups of Heidi's doorknocker-sized diamond ring, as her left hand caressed Seal's bare flesh in slow-mo, added to the overall romantic effect. How did this couple EVER break up?

3. Justin Timberlake — "What Goes Around... Comes Around"
The sexual heat between Justin and Scarlett Johansson here is so intense, it could burn a hole in your retinas if you stare at them too long. The pool scene alone will make you want to cool off by taking a dip of your own. Preferably in a swimming pool filled with ice cubes.

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2. Madonna — "Justify My Love"
"Justify My Love" was hardly the only Madonna video to generate controversy. Two others, "Erotica" and "What It Feels Like for a Girl," were banned by MTV (although MTV later agreed to air "Erotica" late at night), while Ms. Ciccone's notorious cross-burning "Like a Prayer" clip cost her a lucrative endorsement deal with the none-too-pleased execs at Pepsi. But this vid, which coincided with the release of her artsy softcore book Sex, was titillating enough to even become the subject of a "Wayne's World" spoof. Schwing!

1. Chris Isaak — "Wicked Game"
Many music videos have starred supermodels, but none ever made as much of an impact as this Herb Ritts-directed beach romp with exotic Danish beauty Helena Christensen, during which she wore little more than tighty-whiteys and a smoldering stare. The chemistry between Chris and Helena was white-hot onscreen, but the two were never a couple in real life. Helena's actual boyfriends have included late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence and "Walking Dead" actor Norman Reedus.

OK, so British cutie Kate Nash's "Pumpkin Soup" isn't exactly a sexy video. In fact, it's about as sweet and innocent and G-rated as a "Care Bears" cartoon. But with its proliferation of candy conversation hearts, kissing booths, pink teddy bears, and heart-shaped balloons, it's THE most Valentine-y Valentine video ever. Watch it below and enjoy the cute overload!

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