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Gavin DeGraw Cooks Up Some Excitement With 'Iron Chef' Anita Lo

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Celebrity chef Anita Lo and platinum-selling musician Gavin DeGraw both understand the challenges of performing -- not only in their respective venues (Lo, at her NYC restaurant Annisa; DeGraw in whatever stage he's gracing any given night), but before television cameras as well.

DeGraw, of course, has done his time on "Dancing With The Stars" as well as made appearances on "One Tree Hill." while Lo has flashed her blades on "Iron Chef," "Top Chef Masters," and "Chopped: All Stars Tournament." It should come as no surprise then that the two found plenty of common ground when DeGraw visited Annisa for a combined culinary lesson and a chance to show off some of his latest music.

DeGraw likely felt right at home at the cozy restaurant, which has been serving up creative cuisine since 2000 and attracting rock 'n' roll regulars including David Byrne and the late Lou Reed. While hanging out and enjoying foie gras, dumplings, a delectable fish dish, and nut-filled cream puffs (which turned out to be a little too hot -- "I burned Gavin DeGraw!" laughed Lo), he and Lo discussed a variety of parallels between their respective arts.

Key similarities included their fathers' roles in shaping creative career aspirations, as well as the importance of the television appearances that brought them into countless households. DeGraw enthused that "Dancing With The Stars" was "one of the best things I ever did"; while Lo noted that "Iron Chef" knocked on her door during a downturn. "i think it pretty much saved my restaurant."

After eating Lo's works of art, DeGraw set up right there in the restaurant to serenade her with his own artistic endeavor, giving an upbeat rendition of the title track from his latest album, Make A Move, which was released in October and landed in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart.

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