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Guns N’ Roses Guitarist Accidentally Causes Big Trouble for Vegas Cops

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Las Vegas is a city of excess and indulgence, a place where laws are bent and people look the other way. Well deserving of its "Sin City" nickname, it's a fantasy playland where even police sometimes go out of their way to make people's dreams come true.

Example? Well, two officers who broke department rules so Guns N' Roses guitarist Daren Jay "DJ" Ashba could propose to his gal after a flight in a police helicopter are currently facing severe punitive measures from the Las Vegas Police Department, according to Billboard.

Captain David O'Leary, a 25-year-veteran of the force, had arranged the flight for Ashba and Columbian actress Nathalia Henaoon on August 7 last year. O'Leary had been in charge of the Financial Crimes Bureau; but rather than be demoted, he chose to retire. His last day with the department was December 20.

The pilot of the helicopter, Officer Ray Horsley, will be transferred out of the Air Support Detail on January 11 and will be restricted from flying for the department.

The rulings followed a four-month investigation that began after Ashba posted a photo on Instragram of himself and Henao sporting helicopter helmets. He also wrote a note thanking the Las Vegas police department for being "the most amazing" tour guides.

"Thanks to our good friends for helping make it all happen!!" he added.

Unfortunately, Ashba got his "good friends" in even hotter water when he noted that the tour ended in a field at police headquarters, which is where Ashba proposed with roses and champagne.

After a brief investigation, it wasn’t hard for Vegas police to figure out who was responsible, and officials determined that O’Leary and Horsley’s acts were a violation of department policy.

"A fly-along and a patrol ride along are typically done for the purpose of exposing members of the community to the duties of law enforcement," the department said in a statement. "A fly-along would begin and terminate at Air Support and would not include any off-site landings as occurred in this case."

At least there was one happy ending in this scenario: Ashba and Henao were married in September.

Ashba and Henao both refused to be interviewed by police during the internal investigation; however, we're guessing there are a few cops that wish Ashba had stayed off social media and honored the old adage "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas."

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