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Justin Guarini Reveals 'Lovesick' Kelly Clarkson Affair in Confessional One-Man Show

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Rumors regarding a more-than-platonic relationship between original "American Idol" finalists Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini have swirled since Season 1's finale, when Justin reacted to the news of Kelly's victory by exclaiming, "Baby!" and dramatically swooping her into his arms. Both Idols, whose lives have moved in very different directions since that 2002 television moment, have remained mum about the matter. Until now.

Justin's new confessional one-man cabaret act, "Lovesick," in which he reminisces about his love life via handpicked song covers and between-song anecdotes, opened this past weekend at the Bucks County Playhouse in New Hope, Pennsylvania. And during the show, according to a very positive review on, Justin confirmed that at one time, he and Kelly were indeed very much an item — although their friendship didn't evolve into something more serious until they were on the set of their infamous box-office bomb, the summer beach flick "From Justin to Kelly."

Onstage at "Lovesick," Justin explained that his affair with Kelly came to an end when her career took off, while his did not. He then expressed his bittersweet feelings over the situation by crooning "Get There," the Oleta Adams ballad that was his signature song back in the day on "American Idol."

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Incidentally, Justin once hinted to Yahoo Music that there'd been romance on the "From Justin to Kelly" set, when he said during a 2012 interview: "Yeah, there was a rumor, definitely. We've just always been such good friends. Um, man, it was weird; she was like my sister on the show, and then you know, we made a movie together. ... I'd say, we had a good time. Yeah."

Also during "Lovesick" this past weekend, Justin revealed that while Season 1 of "American Idol" was still in progress, he had a fling with fourth-place contestant Tamyra Gray, although that relationship was not as serious. All three Idols, of course, are now happily married: Kelly to music manager Brandon Blackstock, with whom she is expecting her first child; Tamyra to professional songwriter/ex-Color Me Badd member Sam Watters; and Justin to his longtime love Reina Capodici, with whom he has two children. Justin ended his "Lovesick" revue by dedicating Leon Russell's "A Song for You" to Reina.

Justin, now 35, made headlines last year with an eyebrow-raising, since-deleted blog post titled "Early Morning Madness," in which he confessed that he was going through tough financial times and "skipping meals" to support his family. (He later complained that the press had exaggerated and misconstrued his words.) He also conducted a frank interview with Oprah Winfrey's OWN network, in which he discussed his battle with post-"Idol" depression.

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But things are looking up for the singer, as he joins the Broadway production of "Wicked," playing Fiyero, on Feb. 25. No word yet on whether "Lovesick" will ever get a Broadway run, but it's obviously already getting Justin some attention.

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