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Mary J. Blige’s Father in Critical Condition After Being Stabbed by Ex-Girlfriend

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Mary J. Blige (Getty Images)

It's been a tragic morning for Mary J. Blige, whose father is in critical condition following surgery for stab wounds at the Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

According to local reports, 63-year-old Thomas Blige was attacked by his former girlfriend during an altercation at his apartment complex called the Arbors of Battle Creek. Detective Sgt. Jim Martens explained that authorities believe the dispute began when Thomas saw his ex deflating the tires on his Ford SUV in the parking lot and confronted her.

While the details of how things escalated remain largely unknown, police were called to the apartment at 6:58 a.m., where they discovered that Mary J.'s father had endured three stab wounds, including one to his neck. They also found the woman in her own apartment nearby, still wearing her blood-soaked clothing.

Thomas was rushed to the hospital and his attacker was taken to the Calhoun County jail, where she will likely be arraigned later in the day in district court.

Sadly, this is hardly the first time Thomas and his ex have had a violent run-in. In fact, police have responded to a whopping seven domestic violence complaints between them since last August alone — and back in October, she hit him over the head with a glass candlestick and was charged with aggravated domestic violence. She entered a no-contest plea on Jan. 10 (yes, roughly two weeks ago) and received six months probation during which she was ordered to have "non-assaultive" contact with Thomas. Obviously, she has not obeyed.

For her part, the "No More Drama" singer, 43, has had a strained relationship with her father over the years (which is putting it rather mildly). According to a Biography Channel special about the Grammy-winning songstress, her father reportedly abandoned the family when Mary J. was only 4, but he returned often enough — and was abusive enough — that she and her mother fled to a notoriously tough public housing project in Yonkers, New York, to escape him.

Still, the iconic star has managed to make peace with her father, despite his faults.

"My father's father abandoned him, and his mother died having him," she explained in 2007. "My father was a victim of Vietnam — he came back from Vietnam a crazy person. To this day he is in and out of the veteran's hospital because he has times where he smells the burning bodies and sees the arms and legs that were blown off."

The Grammy winner has not responded to Yahoo's request for comment on either the incident or her father's condition, but for his sake, and hers, let's hope he gets better soon.

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