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Miley, Robin Thicke, Selena Gomez and Pitbull: Before They Were Jingle Ball Stars

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Few stars arrive on the scene fully formed. Most have to go through a series of ups and downs in bit parts before they blossom. As today's biggest pop stars are no exception, we dug back into the past and found some of today's Jingle Ball stars' early appearances on screen.

Miley Cyrus, "Big Fish," 2003

Long before she was twerking with a foam finger and even before Hannah Montana, Miley had a bit part in the 2003 film "Big Fish." See if you can spot 10-year-old Miley in this clip warning Edward Bloom about the witch.

Robin Thicke, "The Wonder Years," 1989

Before Robin Thicke sung "Blurred Lines," he too was a kid actor. Back in 1989, he played a suave young man picking up a girl on "The Wonder Years." The episode was titled "Steady As She Goes," which is also the title of a great song by the Raconteurs, who, as far we know, have absolutely nothing to do with Robin Thicke or "The Wonder Years."

Selena Gomez (and Demi Lovato), "Barney & Friends," 2002-2004

If you're of a certain age, it's almost certain that you grew up with "Barney & Friends." But some stars actually grew up on "Barney & Friends." No, silly, they weren't literally riding the purple dinosaur, they appeared on the show. Check out Selena Gomez (and Demi Lovato, who isn't Jingle Ball-ing this year) singing the Barney theme song, with Barney and Baby Bop, below.

Pitbull, "Pitbull" reality series, 2008

This isn't a huge stretch, because he was fully grown and already a star in the indie world and Latino marketplace, but back in 2008, before he became a mainstream sensation, Pitbull was the subject of his own failed reality series. Seems it was all about Pitbull, partying and booty-shaking. Warning, watching this video after the "Barney" clip may give you whiplash. It just seems wrong on so many levels.

Enrique Iglesias, childhood photos, 1975-present

Young Enrique Igesias reportedly made his singing debut performing in a production of "Hello, Dolly" while attending the prestigious Gulliver Preparatory School in Miami. Unfortunately, we couldn't find any video evidence of that performance, but we did find this sweet fan-made clip of still photos tracking little Enrique's rise from a wee lad to current times, set to the song "Daddy's Little Boy." As a child with a famous father, fellow crooner Julio Iglesias, young Enrique was photographed quite a bit in public with his dad.

Macklemore, "This Town," 2009

Before Seattle rapper Macklemore was rapping about popping tags and thrift shopping, he was kicking it old school on mixtapes. This video clip is for "The Town," a track on his 2009 release "The Unplanned Mixtape." Although his partner in crime Ryan Lewis worked on a few of the tracks on the mixtape, he doesn't have a credit on this cut.

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