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See it First: Shaun White Discusses His 'City of Angels' Journey for Thirty Seconds To Mars

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Shaun White

Thirty Seconds to Mars released the short film/music video for the single "City of Angels" in October, with frontman Jared Leto's impressive collection of celeb interviews detailing their own personal experiences with the great metropolis of Los Angeles. Leto managed to recruit everyone from Kanye West to Selena Gomez to discuss their views on the city.

He didn't just call upon actors and musicians, however. Proof positive: This footage from Olympic medalist and extreme sports hero Shaun White. White appeared in the original short film, but in this exclusive segment, he talks at length about how he came to find a world beyond sports in Los Angeles...a place where he discovered music and his own personal power to be whatever he wanted to be.

White, like Leto, has branched out from his main career to explore the music world. He's been playing guitar since he was a teenager, and now is the guitarist for rock band Bad Things.

You can watch Thirty Seconds to Mars's original "City of Angels" film at the band's official site.


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