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See it First! Singer-Songwriter Robby Hecht Releases Powerful Ode to NYC

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If you're not familiar with singer-songwriter Robby Hecht yet, here's a great place to start: The evocative vocalist, who is set to release his third (self-titled) album March 25, has just released the video for his understated but powerful "New York City."

As you might imagine, the clip details a history of the great city, including powerful shots from both its present and past. You'll see a Trayvon Martin march, Occupy Wall Street protesters being arrested, subway performers, Coney Island's famous carousel, excerpts from classic film reels depicting the construction of NYC's famous skyline, and more.

Hecht -- who only appears once in the video -- had this to say about his tribute to the Big Apple: "New York City to me is a world of contrasts: fear and exultation, community and isolation, bright lights against a starless sky. It’s a place where for generations, people from across the world have gone to challenge themselves and start over under a new set of rules. This video is a collage of some of my favorite images, a variety of people past and present in many different parts of New York finding their way."

Enjoy the first look at the clip here on Yahoo Music, and let us know what you think!

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