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See it First! Viral Sensation Lindsey Stirling Premieres Clip for 'Stars Align'

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Lindsey Stirling has many remarkable achievements under her belt, but one stands out above all. The classically trained violinist has managed to amass an enormous audience the decidedly newfangled way: Exclusively on her own terms as a viral YouTube sensation.

Stirling racked up the eighth most-watched video in YouTube's behemoth 2012 catalog of offerings, entrancing a literal gazillion viewers with her dance/trance/fur-hooded clip for "Crystallize." She sewed things up with a self-released debut, selling more than 265,000 as an independent artist.

Given this, we're pretty sure you already know about Stirling (and probably love her too), so Yahoo Music is excited to offer the very first look at her newest sure-to-be-as-magically-viral clip, "Stars Align."

“I'm not only a violinist and a song writer but I am a huge film nerd; the costuming, the editing, the stylization, I love it all," Stirling explains of her new video. "I came up with this crazy video idea for 'Stars Align,' and I immediately knew it was far too complicated for me, and way too expensive... So I started working on it right away. I had so many people jump to my aid including director Nathan Lee, producer Jared Cardon, special effects team Playfight, choreographer Anze Skrube, and the YouTube space in L.A. They all went above and beyond to make my vision come to life while miraculously staying within the limitations of an independent artist's budget.."

Emphasis on independent artist. Stirling wouldn't have it any other way, crediting her rebel leanings as key to her enormous viral success: "If you didn't notice, I have a very unique style of playing. In the beginning it was scary and I was told I would never succeed because of it," she explains. "However, being like everyone else is not what gained me hundreds of millions of YouTube views. By finding the courage to be ourselves, we gain the power to make a difference.”

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