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Valentine's POPsessions: What Babyface Thinks About Baby-Making Music

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Pairing Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds and Toni Braxton for their recently released duets album "Love, Marriage & Divorce," was a brilliant idea. The longtime collaborators are a perfect sonic match.

Since Babyface has penned many of the most celebrated love songs of the last two decades – Toni's "Breathe Again," Whitney Houston's "Exhale (Shoop Shoop)", Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You" – we knew he would be great for our Valentine's-themed POPsessions Q&A.

We imagined that one of the greatest romantic songwriters of our time must have high musical standards and we were right. Below, take a look at the list of icons who have influenced Babyface.

Who was your first musical crush?
Diana Ross

What song was playing during your first kiss?
The one I wrote right after … The Bitter Taste of Life.

What is the best makeout song of all time?
Barry White's "Secret Garden"

What's the best breakup song ever?
Stylistic's "Break Up to Make Up"

What song would you want playing during your first wedding dance (OR, if you’re married, what song did you dance to)?
"Moon River"

What love song makes you cry?
"Moon River"

Who is your favorite romantic singer?
Nat King Cole

What is your fave album to listen to on a lonely Valentine's Day?
Stevie Wonder's "Talking Book"

Does the idea of a couple making out to your music flatter you, or just freak you out?

Who’s the coolest couple in music?
Jay Z and Beyoncé

What's the most romantic moment in movie history?
When Richard Gere goes back to get his girl in "Officer and a Gentleman."

What is the most romantic city to visit?
Florence, Italy

Describe your ideal Valentine’s Day date.
Flowers, dinner, movie and love.

Flowers or chocolates?
Flowers for the lady.

Do you watch/hate-watch 'The Bachelor'?
Don't watch.

Overall, are you pro- or anti-Valentine’s Day?

If someone did that 'Say Anything' boombox thing outside your window, would you be into it, or call the police?
Depends on who was doing it.

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