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It was a sad night last week when I--in the midst of my vacation--checked to see whether last week's blog thing was up and running and saw the heartbreaking comment left by someone named "Salma." The poor dear, who apparently dresses like a pirate, offered some advice that was, I admit, somewhat sage: "lets stick 2 the present and future," she wrote, "and not worry about the past."

As it happened, I read her note just minutes after attending a concert in New Bedford, Massachusetts, featuring both Eric Burdon & the Animals and the Yardbirds! In 2007! Cost of admission for four people? A marvelous $175!

Salma, U R right on the $$! I have learned my lesson and from now on will embrace the future with gusto! And may I suggest you check out Momus for further fashion tips?


Television Soundtrack: High School Musical 2 (Walt Disney) Don't know how you feel about it, but "quivering with anticipation" best describes my take on what's bound to be one of the year's biggest records! And that, of course, is the unexpected sequel to High School Musical! The plot? Now that a few years have passed, the same lovable gang o' kids is reportedly in a small private college on the east coast and--remarkably--attempting to fuse Samuel Beckett's Waiting For Godot with Carl Orff's Carmina Burana, all the while wearing cardboard masks of Hannah Montana and the kids from that wacky Drake & Josh show! Frankly, to me that seems a bit too surreal, even for today's sophisticated younger audiences, but heck--Disney knows kids if anybody does!

Dave Matthews And Tim Reynolds: Live At Radio City (ATO/RCA) One of the decade's biggest success stories, Dave Matthews returns with duo partner Tim Reynolds and will likely sell gobs of records because, well, just because that's the sort of thing he does.  A classy musician, an excellent singer and songwriter, and a very funny man, Matthews is offering these performances--recorded in April of this year--on both double-CD and double-DVD configurations. Buy them both for kicks! Incidentally, if the album title is to be believed, his new house is very big and often very crowded. Why would they move there?

Blaqk Audio: CexCells (Interscope)   It would be all too easy to simply dismiss this side-project of AFI's Davey Havok and Jade Puget as the most astounding clone of Depeche Mode you've ever heard, so let's not do that. Instead, let's talk car insurance!

Floratone: Floratone (Blue Note) A completely groovy session featuring jazzbo guitarist Bill Frisell with drummer Matt Chamberlain, producer Tucker Martine, and Lee Townsend , this is the sort of futuristic jam-session thingie that would be coming out regularly if certain types didn't wreck the record business with their callous pursuit of dollars at the expense of true art! Not just blondes--brunettes, too!

Turbonegro: Retox (Cooking Vinyl) You've got to love this deliberately loud and obnoxious Norwegian band--literally, there's some new law now--but it's OK, because Retox is a blast through and through! Featuring a charming opening single in "Do You Dig Destruction"--just begging for a cover by Mariah --this band is a "six piece riffin' machine firing on all cylinders," according to their convenient website! They certainly wouldn't say that if it weren't true, so sign me up to buy five of these babies!

Recoil: Subhuman (Mute) It would be all too easy to simply dismiss this side-project of former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder as the most astounding clone of AFI you've ever heard, so let's not do that. Instead, let's visualize world peace and go get ice cream!

Eisley: Combinations (Warner Brothers) A new release from this fab, sibling-filled Texas indie band is always a good thing, especially when one considers the alternative! And that would be, umm, no new release! All I know is, when they came to the Yahoo! Music studios and played a while ago, everyone here swore they were the biggest thing since the Isley Brothers! Hey, hours here are long and hard! Appropriate comparisons often elude the best of us!

Junior Senior: Hey Hey My My Yo Yo (Rykodisc/Crunchy Frog) Released in Japan two years ago, this crazy duo's "new" disc features a smorgasbord of guests including the B-52's Cindy Wilson & Kate Pierson and feminist chick rockers Le Tigre, always a good thing! Sadly, their stuttering issues have affected not only the naming of the album--an affectionate nod toward Neil Young and Captain Beefheart, according to this sentence--but also the disc's first single, "Can I Get Get Get."  But I'm going to ignore that, and I'll only ask that you do as well!

Paul van Dyk: In Between (Mute) Well he may be a hipster DJ, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have a fab pop album in him! And that's not even counting the 1G flash memory card he just swallowed! Loaded to the gills with guest stars like David Byrne, some Pussycat Doll and other people like them--this CD is smooth-sailin' from beginning to end, a verging-on-mainstream hyphenate cliché, and the sort of thing you'll tell people you love at your next high school reunion! By the way, is that a new shirt?

Mae: Singularity (Tooth & Nail/Capitol) Fresh out of her memorable stint in Spiderman 3, everyone's favorite aunt attempts to launch a new career, but there's one sad irony: No single.

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