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1/1/11: A Magic Date For Country Brides

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It turns out that the numerically interesting date of 1/1/11 was a major draw for brides--especially brides who happen to be country musicians. Four major country-music engagement announcements were made in 2010 (those would be Miranda Lambert/Blake Shelton, Kellie Pickler, Shania Twain, and LeAnn Rimes). And out of the four, a full HALF of the weddings took place on New Year's Day, 2011.

True, that's only two marriages, but kind of puts a different spin on it when looked at that way, no? News of Shania Twain's marriage to Frederic Thiebaud hit the streets early on Sunday morning. Then, as we've barely had a chance to admire Twain's wedding photos--and marvel at the remarkably short length of her engagement--we find out that Kellie Pickler tied the knot with her songwriter fiance Kyle Jacobs, also on 1/1/11. That's some crazy odds right there.

To make things even more coincidental, both brides chose Caribbean locales for their weddings--Twain's in Puerto Rico, Pickler's on a "private island" (according to People; as well as Pickler's Twitter account, on which she confirmed her marital status, her locale, and her current hoice of drink--rum). Both apparently kept the ceremonies small and intimate.

Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if they chose the same dress...okay, maybe that's taking things a bit far.

For those folks who like to keep up with country music news, the two unexpected weddings right on top of each other came as a bit of a head-reeling surprise. I freely admit I rather enjoyed last year's pleasantly drawn-out speculation regarding Carrie Underwood's wedding plans (endless frothy talk about her dress, her venue, the honeymoon, etc.) and was looking forward to some similar musing regarding Twain and Pickler's. If anything, just wanted to see if Pickler would actually have her pet snake as part of the wedding party.

At least we all have the comfort of knowing Miranda Lambert isn't going to pull something like this with Blake Shelton--not unless numerous news reports of her planned Texas reception with venison dinner and Neal McCoy as entertainment are all false. And LeAnn Rimes just tweeted about a UK-based wedding planning site with ideas that are "to die for," so we're probably safe in guessing she's not going to steal a march on us while our backs are turned.

One relationship that appears to have not been so luckily touched by the magic of 1/1/11 is the gossip-darlings duo Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift. According to a fresh new report from People, the pair have broken up, apparently before the new year even hit.

Meanwhile, I'll be waiting for the next big country engagement announcement. Who do you think it'll be? Be sure to let me know.

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