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A New “Little Rascal” Joins The Flatts Crew

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It's been an exciting week in Nashville News--what with Brad Paisley falling off a stage while playing "Alcohol" (he was treated for bruises; nothing serious), the triumph of Crazy Heart at the Oscars, and Carrie Underwood's birthday (today!--have a happy one, Ms. Bride-to-be!). Thought we'd clue you in to yet another big piece of news.

Like the rest of the items mentioned, it's positive (hey, Brad wasn't hurt bad--so that's good, right?). Rascal Flatts' Joe Don Rooney and his wife, Tiffany Fallon, announced to People this week that they are expecting their second child this September.

"There's such fulfillment in being a father," Joe Don proudly told People. "And it's going to be two-fold now, which is so cool." He added that the couple will definitely be finding out the baby's gender ahead of time--"Tiff's all about decorating rooms, so she's got to know."

The new addition will join son Jagger, who was born in May of 2008. All I have to say is, both of the Rooney kids will most likely end up being pretty good-looking. Or at least just end up being in great shape. They've certainly got genetics on their side--Tiffany, as you all probably know, is a former Playboy Playmate of the Year. And Joe Don most famously was the one chosen to get naked in the Flatts' "I Melt" video. (The official story behind this is that Joe Don was the only unmarried guy in the band at the time, so he got the honors of stripping down. But I think most fans will attribute it to his buns of steel. Right?)

Okay. No more wasting time with all this butt talk, unless we're discussing diapers. There's a baby on the way! Hearty congrats, Joe Don and Tiffany!

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