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Well, I guess my wish has been granted, and people have finally moved on from the, uh, incident--and are discussing a variety of Taylor Swift-related topics.

Yeah, it's safe to say we're back in regular Country territory, with every other story a Taylor-related bit of gossip. Perhaps there's too much Taylor in your Nashville news? Well, you judge for yourself with this one.

I just had the good luck this week to come across a Taylor-related item which really could only be filed under "ew."

The headline (on webzine Contactmusic) read TAYLOR SWIFT SHOCKED BY TATTOOED FAN. Which prompted me to immediately think: Okay, some really stupid kid is about to get grounded for life (and perhaps some tattoo parlor sued).

But, no...the story is a little weirder than that.

Turns out some 40ish chick asked Taylor to sign her stomach during an autographing session, saying she planned to get it tattooed as a permanent souvenir. Taylor, obvious a sane human being in thinking the gal was joking around, obliged, noting that she "signed it really big" across the woman's midsection.

And, bingo, a little while later the woman came back and showed off her new tat. Surprise!

The news item did not clarify whether this was a recent event or just a funny anecdote from Taylor's past. (Nor did it mention anything about the shape of the woman in question's abs, which is what I--and you know you too--really wanted to hear about.)

Okay, I don't think 40 is pushing un-midriff-able terrority or anything. I mean, look at Faith Hill and Martina McBride--hell, Reba for that matter. But the idea of a grown woman inking little teenage Taylor's signature on her tummy (alliterative enough for you?) kind of just grossed me out for some reason. I suppose it's better than a dirty old man doing the same thing. Right?

Anyway--just wanted to reassure you that we seem to be back to business as usual in terms of Taylor Swift gossip.

Man, and to think I told MJ in Tampa Bay to talk to Taylor about her shoes! Clearly I could have done a whole lot better than that!

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