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All The World’s On Underwood Wedding Watch

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Well, folks, unless there's a major plot-foiler underway, it looks like Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher will indeed be tying the knot tomorrow, July 10. Everyone across the 'Net--from Perez Hilton to American Idol fansites to local news affiliates--is commenting on the details (whether true or not) that have been leaked to date.

Making sense of everything that's being reported is a bit harder than simply delighting in all the fizzy, bubbly gossip out there, but I'll try to break it down for y'all.

Various reports are stating that the wedding will be held in Georgia--at the Reynolds Plantation Ritz-Carlton, located in Greensboro, to be exact. Underwood and Fisher reportedly have booked the entire hotel for the event, blocking out all 251 guest rooms. They will be spending their wedding night at the hotel's Presidential Lodge, which the Ritz site describes as a place "Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have called...their home away from home."

If this is indeed the place, it is certainly a star-worthy, beautiful resort. Here's a couple photos of it. Check out that lakeside golf course!


Underwood's entourage has allegedly been arriving at the Ritz since Wednesday; the bride herself is supposed to fly in by helicopter today--and will be signing the marriage license this afternoon. The guest list is said to be around 400, and will include Idol judges Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul.

The big question, though--is all this actually accurate?

I can't answer that--just reporting what I've been reading from about a zillion different sources. But can tell you this: The Toronto Sun talked to Fisher's dad this week, who had this to say of his son's upcoming event: "I'm not going to comment whether it's this weekend or not. There has been so much stuff written and some of it is true and some of it is not."

Hmmm. Well, I'll be on wedding watch all weekend. I'm not sure which details will actually pan out, but I am pretty certain I'll be back here on Sunday with the happy report that Carrie is now Mrs. Fisher.

I'm also certain it will be a great wedding! I can NOT wait to see what her dress looks like, how 'bout you guys?!

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