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An Exclusive Talk With Taylor Swift

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Probably no artist has kept the country music world--heck, let's just say the entertainment world--buzzing more in 2009 than Taylor Swift. Just his week, her Fearless Platinum Edition--which contains six brand-new songs in addition to the original tracklisting--was released, one day early to satisfy those who just couldn't wait.

For all you fans out there who are happily listening to her new music, I've got another special treat for you. Here's an exclusive clip in which Taylor tells us a bit about the new tunes on her record, her writing process and how she remains true to self, the challenges of making it in Nashville, her feelings on all the awards and award nominations she's been collecting, plus more.

I've always noted that Taylor is one of the most genuine talents I've ever had the pleasure to come across, and I think you'll find her enthusiasm and excitement in this interview to be both contagious and the real deal. 


PS: Don't forget to watch Saturday Night Live next weekend! (Bet you can guess who will be hosting?)

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