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Billy Currington Dropped From NASCAR All-Star Race as Result of Legal Issues

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Photo: Rick Diamond

"People Are Crazy," indeed.

Billy Currington seems to be living out the title of his hit single these days, at least in the case of his latest tale. The country star was indicted April 24 on felony charges of making terroristic threats and abuse of an elderly person, according to court records.

The legal problems have cost Currington his slot playing the opening show at NASCAR's All-Star Race at Charlotte Motor Speedway next month. Authorities for the race confirmed to USA Today that the legal issues are the reason for his ejection. Josh Turner is slated as his replacement.

However, what remains up in the air is exactly who is "crazy" in the story at hand--which seems to be a classic case of conflicting reports. Currington, 39, was accused by 70-year-old tour boat captain Harvey Ferrelle of screaming and threatening bodily harm against the older man, who was allegedly driving his boat close to Currington's Georgia property on April 15.

Ferrelle told police that Currington got into his own boat and started a chase. If Ferrelle hadn't moved fast enough, "I believe [Currington] would have run me over," he told police.

As for Currington's side of the story, he tweeted on April 17, "harrassing artists often at their home by boat should be illegal."

He later thanked fans for their support and said he couldn't comment further on the ongoing legal matter.

Currington was released from a Georgia jail Thursday after posting a $27,700 bond. He's scheduled to appear in court during an arraignment hearing on May 28. In the meantime, he's on tap to play two shows in Florida over the weekend.

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