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Billy Ray Cyrus Sued By Former Road Manager

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Divorce filings, a daughter out of control, general bad press--2010 was a personally challenging period for Billy Ray Cyrus, to say the least. And, it looks as if 2011 isn't ushering in any better luck for the singer/actor. He's starting the new year off with a lawsuit from his former road manager, to the tune of half a million dollars.

According to the Tennessean, Paul A. Abraham, who is 61, claims he was fired by Cyrus due to his age. He's seeking $500,000, as well as asking a jury to assess compensatory and punitive damages for "pain, humiliation, embarrassment and emotional distress."

Abraham, who was hired to do stage and road duties in 2007 but has worked on and off for the Cyrus family for more than a decade, performed odd jobs and chores around the family's Tennessee farm when not on tour. His lawsuit, which was filed earlier this week, states that Cyrus said Abraham was "old and dumb and don't know anything about running a farm."

Abraham says he was fired on May 1 of last year. His suit also includes Cyrus's estranged wife, Tish.

There's no word from the Cyrus camp yet on the matter.

Man, can Billy Ray catch a break, or what? Fingers crossed that things start to turn around for him soon. It seems he's had more than his share of tough times lately.

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