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Blake Shelton And Miranda Lambert Are Getting Hitched!

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Blake Shelton is no stranger to making pretty outrageous statements on Twitter. However, this week he's fairly outdone himself. He's "throat punched a whooping crane," "wiped with poison ivy," "tea bagged a meat grinder," and "golf clubbed a panda bear."

What's the occasion for all this activity? Ah, he's just excited. After all, he proposed to longtime girlfriend and fellow star musician Miranda Lambert, and apparently the gal accepted!

Reps for the artists confirmed that the pair--who have been dating for five years--are indeed officially engaged as of May 9. No wedding date is set yet.

As for Miranda, her tweet on the matter was simply, "Well...Ol' Blake finally got a brain!" accompanied by a twitpic of the giddy-looking couple showing off the engagement ring. (Good work, Blake--that appears to be one seriously gorgeous diamond!)

She did elaborate further to People.com, explaining that the proposal took place outside near her Oklahoma home, and was celebrated with Diet Sprite and Bacardis in plastic cups. She also noted that Blake took an old-fashioned approach and asked for her father's permission first.

"I'm just excited to be married because I want to tell Blake I really can love him the rest of my life and be happy and make him happy," she told People.

Blake and Miranda are probably my favorite country couple--you can't beat their sense of humor, and they just seem like the realest folks around. And, really in love.

This is the Nashville news that truly made my week--I'm sure plenty of country fans will be crying that these two hotties are off the market, but I'm tempted to mix up a Bacardi and Diet Sprite this afternoon in honor of the occasion! Congratulations, Blake and Miranda!

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