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Blake Shelton Burns Up The Magazine Racks; Talks Marriage And Miranda

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Wow, Blake Shelton sure is burning up the women's magazine circuit these days! The country crooner and Voice star now has another gig he can add to his resume: household-name hunk.

Proof? Well, for starters, Shelton will appear on the February cover of Redbook this week, headlining their "Hot Husbands" issue. He's profiled discussing how he's a bit of a "pushover" when it comes to wife Miranda Lambert, and what exactly he thinks makes a good hubby ("I think you have to be willing to take a bullet for somebody if you're going to stand up there, take your vows, and be married to them for the rest of your life").

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Hot husband alert!

But that's not all! Shelton also appears this week as one of Cosmopolitan's "Fun Fearless Males 2012" (and, hoo boy, do the Cosmo girls have some ideas about him! To wit: "Our fantasy: Every night, Blake sings us to sleep in the nude after making us laugh all day long." Wowza).

In this feature, Shelton talks about what he loves regarding his wife. "Boobs. Ha, no. Really, a woman who is not insecure...A woman who doesn't give a crap if I notice her? That drives me crazy. That's something Miranda has."

One thing Shelton mentions in both articles? Lambert's cooking skills, or occasional lack thereof. "Sometimes, well, rarely, [her cooking will] suck. And when it sucks, it sucks bad," he admitted to Cosmo.

However, "Miranda cooking dinner for me and me telling her how good it is--those kinds of things are a major big deal for us," he tells Redbook.

Hang on to your husband, Miranda--you've got a good one!

In other Shelton news, it was just announced that he'll be returning to co-host the Academy of Country Music Awards for a second year alongside longtime veteran Reba McEntire. He's also packing up to hit the road on tour this week--keep up with his schedule here.

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