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Blake Shelton: Sexy Is As Sexy Does!

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So, Blake Shelton made the cover of Country Weekly's "All Time Sexiest" issue. We'll admit, he's physically 100% deserving of the title. Tall, handsome, piercingly blue-eyed, and with an equally gorgeous gal (Miranda Lambert) dangling from his arm--just looking at the guy, he fills the bill just fine.

Beyond this rugged exterior, however, lies the soul of a...12-year-old? Wiseass? Dork? We aren't quite sure what to name Blake's personality: Perhaps "older brother who likes to hold you down and fart in your face...remember those days?" is the easiest way to synopsize it.

Don't believe us? Have you checked out his Twitter page lately? In addition to being an A-list (and sexy!) Nashville musician--Blake's second career appears to be professional comedian.

Take this recent sampling of tweets.

"Trying to get extra Oreo's in my blizzard at DQ I told the girl I was country weekly's sex symbol. She said she voted for Tracy Byrd. SLUT!!"

"Just used some duct tape to pull hair off my chest.... Wasn't counting on losing a nipple.... SON OF A...!!!!"

"Hey is there alcohol in saline solution?.. I don't feel like driving to the liquor store..."

"Hey Willy Wonka!!! Kiss my ass!!! I think I just chipped a tooth on one of your gobstoppers!!! Now give a freakin golden ticket jackass!!!"

"Hey, were tinker bell and peter pan dating?.... If so how did they mess around?.."

"Ok girls, on the count of three.... 1.. 2... 3....!!!!! THERE'S NO NEED TO ADVERTISE TAMPONS.. WE'RE GOING TO BUY THEM ANYWAY!!!!!!!"

"On a scale from 1 to 10 of suck... I'm going to give dropping my phone under the urinal an 11!!! Is there an app. for pee on my phone??!!!"

(Editor's note: My personal fave, said to Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts) "Is that really y'all on the Rice Krispies box?"

Now, folks. Do these scream "sex!" to you? Apologies if we've ruined anyone's steamy fantasies, but we find the dichotomy of Sexy Blake/Beavis-Butthead Blake pretty dang funny. It's actually rather fitting that his photo on Country Weekly bears the caption "Country's New Sex Symbol?" Emphasis on the question mark!

However, that said, Blake's tweets have become so famous that scads of other country musicians on Twitter reference him regularly (including Reba McEntire, Craig Morgan, and Rascal Flatts). A feature on his official website offers up a challenge: Guess which tweets are his, and which are (the equally prolific tweeter) John Mayer's. And Blake even deigns to occasionally respond to fans, which is always fun stuff.

We here at Yahoo! Music are working on setting up a Twitter chat with Blake. Wish us luck, he appears to be a hot one.

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