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Blake Shelton Stumps For ACM Award Nominees Gloriana

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If you've been wondering why Blake Shelton has been rather quiet on his (usually hopping) Twitter account--here's one possible explanation: He's busy being recruited by all his pals to help stump for Academy of Country Music Awards votes.

As you country fans probably know by now, the ACM Awards are partially decided by fan voting. This year, fans can vote on several categories, including Top New Artist and Entertainer Of The Year, by visiting voteacm.com. A few weeks ago, Blake made an appearance in the viral "Vote For Luke Bryan" video, which urged fans to vote for Luke in the category of Top Solo Vocalist. (Luke did end up winning.) Now, Blake is lending his comedic talent to a similar clip for hot quartet Gloriana, who are nominated in the Top New Artist Category.

It's a pretty hilarious little skit, in which Blake passionately kisses a framed photo of the group's Mike Gossin ("He's my favorite"), and solemnly urges fans to vote for Gloriana, or else. (Else what? Hint: The video is subtitled "Don't Get A Disease And Die.")  Check it out here:

Now. One more thing about this latest Blake cameo. Oddly enough, Luke Bryan is also nominated in the category of Top New Artist. And, he's made a new video--kind of a "Part 2" version of his Top Solo Vocalist vid--asking fans for votes in this category as well. And, Blake Shelton appears in that video too. Albeit, nowhere near as prominently as he does in the Gloriana clip. But he's there!

So, Blake--I'm confused! Who the heck do you really want to win?!

For what it's worth, Blake does not appear in the vote-for video made by the third and final nominee in the Top New Artist category, Joey + Rory. Phew. That would just about make my head spin.

There's still time to put in your ACM votes--the awards ceremony isn't until April 18, and you can make your choices all the way up to then. So head over to voteacm.com and cast your ballot for whichever artist Blake convinced you to vote for (or not!).

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