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Brad Paisley’s ‘Accidental Racist’ Gets ‘Saturday Night Live’ Spoof Treatment

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Like it or hate it, everyone is talking about Brad Paisley's duet with LL Cool J, "Accidental Racist"--and, there's no better proof of the ballad's current pop-culture weight than the fact that it was parodied on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

The skit took wicked aim at Paisley's statement-making song, which many are calling an over-simplified, disingenuous take on racial relations. Jason Sudeikis played Paisley, while Kenan Thompson took on the role of LL--both with appropriate headgear, of course.

"We did it y'all! Racism's over!" both actors crowed, while the audience erupted in hysterics.

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That was just the beginning, however. Sudeikis and Thompson traded off one-liners that were likely to make even Paisley--who has a well-documented sense of humor--blush in embarrassment.

"I wanted to show the gritty racial reality of a man in Starbucks talking to his barista," Sudeikis noted helpfully, while Thompson added, "I wanted to tell the story of a rapper who needs to get his name out there because he has a new album about to drop!"

"We know the song's not perfect," Sudeikis tried to explain.

"It's not even good!" retorted Thompson cheerfully.

"We spent 11 minutes writing the song," Sudeikis protested.

"I almost finished the whole pizza!" agreed Thompson.

You get the picture--but you'll need to watch the whole very funny clip in order to see the two actors give their not-to-be-missed performance of a verse that didn't make the cut into the official ballad.

In the meantime, popular opinion remains divided on Paisley's tune. What do you think? The song appears on Paisley's new album Wheelhouse, which hit stores April 9.

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