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Brand-New Live Videos From Taylor Swift!

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Taylor Swift fanatics, although varied and wide, can universally agree on one thing--it's been a little while since we've seen any new live video from her.

Well, it's time to remedy that! We've got some fresh footage of Swift playing live that's ready to watch right now.

And, if just plain having some new stuff from Swift weren't enough, the performance videos we're spotlighting here are from a really cool and unique event that many fans will recognize. Back in October--during release week for her smash-success third album, Speak Now--Swift delighted fans at New York's JFK airport with a surprise "Live From T5" set at the JetBlue terminal. JetBlue posted the videos from the mini-concert this week, and now everyone can enjoy what it was like to be treated to an actually fun and customer-oriented traveling experience! (No full body scans involved, either.)

Here's Ms. Swift performing "Speak Now," "Back To December," and "Mine." Now boarding!

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