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Carrie Underwood Casts Real-Life Mom And Hubby In New Video

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Carrie Underwood had a brilliant idea when making her latest video, "Mama's Song." Since the song is about a daughter telling her mother she's found the right man to marry and take care of her--who would be better to feature in the clip than her own real-life mom and brand-new husband?

Luckily for all of her fans, she decided to go ahead and do just that, allowing everyone who watches the video a touching glimpse into her personal life, upbringing, and family.

The video starts out with Carrie's mother, Carole Underwood--a remarkably beautiful woman; one can easily see where Carrie got her good looks--sitting at an empty table as waiters clear up after a wedding reception. She's paging through an album of family photos. On each page, real shots of the Underwood family are featured.

There's Mom pregnant, then cudding a newborn. And then, we go on to admire adorable childhood pics of Carrie over the years...posing for her little league team, smiling with her sisters, singing into a microphone with adult-sized headphones dwarfing her tiny head.

The story concludes by zooming in on a lovely portrait of Carrie, posing in her wedding gown with her mother by her side--allowing viewers to realize that Carole is wearing her actual mother-of-the-bride dress in the video. And then, the scene cuts to Carrie getting on a plane with her husband. Yep, it's the real Mike Fisher!

Carrie told People that seeing her husband and mother together while filming the video was the best part for her. ""He hung out with my mom [on set] and he's great with her," she explained.

Of course, this video's concept is hardly anything new. We're all used to the Hallmark and Kodak commercials, Fiddler On The Roof's "Sunrise Sunset," Bob Carlisle's "Butterfly Kisses," and all the other myriad tear-jerkers that remind us that time is fleeting and children grow up way too quickly. Taylor Swift additionally explored a similar idea--using vintage family footage and her real mom--a couple years ago with her clip for "The Best Day."

But, oh heck, I'll admit it. I got blubbery right from the start of Carrie's video. Carole Underwood got me immediately with her voiceover introduction: "You just don't think when you child is small, that in a few years it's going to be completely different. You look back and say, 'Where did that time go?' It goes fast."

I challenge any mom out there to watch this and not get at least a little soggy. Now, I'm off to go pick my daughter up from preschool. I better appreciate this time, because tomorrow she'll be a bride, right?

Be sure to let me know what you think of Carrie's new video!


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