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Carrie Underwood Debuts Sexy New Hairstyle At Vegas Music Festival

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If you're one of the artists hot enough to be invited to play the inaugural iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas this weekend--billed as "the largest live concert event in radio history"--it goes without saying that you better bring everything you've got. After all, a festival that brings together the biggest names from every popular musical genre (Jay-Z, Coldplay, Lady Gaga, anyone?) is no ordinary show.

Carrie Underwood, for one, took this advice to heart. She not only blazed onto the MGM Grand stage with a five-song set including some of her most rockin' hits--she used the occasion to debut a brand-new hairstyle, featuring blunt layers and eyecatching bangs, that caused fans to forget about the music (at least for a minute).

Check it out--Carrie, we hardly recognized thee!


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Underwood's hard-edged, ultra-fashionable 'do is reminiscent of Taylor Swift's hair experiment at the 2010 American Music Awards, when the ordinarily curly-maned superstar changed her look completely with a straight blowout and blunt bangs--so completely, in fact, that Swift said later her own friends didn't recognize her.

No word on whether Underwood had the same experience, but the new style certainly does give the former American Idol a whole new vibe.

Underwood, who celebrated her first wedding anniversary with hockey-star husband Mike Fisher in July, is busy with other new things besides her image. The Grammy-winning singer mentioned to Billboard on Friday that she is hard at work on her fourth album and is about halfway finished. Underwood's last album was 2009's Play On.

How do you feel about Carrie's new hairstyle? Hot or not? Be sure to let me know what you think!

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