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Carrie Underwood Is The New Face Of Olay

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Following in the footsteps of numerous other gorgeous country gals who've inked contracts to represent cosmetic brands, Carrie Underwood was announced on Wednesday morning to be the new face of skincare giant Olay.

Underwood's new partnership makes her Olay's first North American celebrity ambassador. She'll be spotlit in the company's 2011 "Challenge What's Possible" campaign, as well as represent a line of skincare products for the brand.

The Grammy Award-winning American Idol, glowing in a pale one-shouldered dress at the press conference announcing the partnership, gushed that she is "very excited" to join up with Olay, adding that she's been using the products for "at least a decade." She noted that the brand is one that women trust, which makes her the perfect spokesperson--"People also trust me, because I can't lie," she added with a laugh.

"As a little girl I remember my mom always using the original Oil of Olay Beauty Fluid and encouraging my sisters and I to take care of our skin," she stated. "I love that Olay has managed to change with the times, yet stay in touch with women of all ages who want affordable skincare products that do what they promise.

"My music career has been a dream come true and proven to me that the seemingly impossible can be achieved. Olay's inspiring campaign echoes my beliefs and feels deeply personal to me."

All I can say about this is--it's 100% a slam-dunk pick by Olay. Who wouldn't want to look like Carrie Underwood? You can watch the entire press conference, including a Q&A session with Carrie, at Olay's Facebook page.

Olay will also be sponsoring Underwood's Play On tour, which kicks off September 25 in Portland, Oregon. It's been an action-packed year overall for the newly married Underwood, who will be touring at the same time her husband, pro hockey star Mike Fisher, begins his season.

"It will definitely be a challenge," she noted to the Associated Press of her and Fisher's busy schedules. "Next year will be an easier year for me. As soon as my tour is over, I'll be hanging out with him a lot more."

Are you looking forward to seeing Carrie's glowing skin in your latest fashion magazines? Be sure to let me know what you think.

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