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Carrie Underwood Makes A ‘Pregnancy Pact’

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Although she's only been married a short while, Carrie Underwood already has it all figured out when she and husband Mike Fisher will be having kids. And--sorry to all of you who have switched from "wedding watch" to "baby watch"--it isn't going to be anytime soon.

This probably comes as no surprise to fans of the busy singer, whose hectic touring schedule is matched only by Fisher's time-consuming season with the Ottawa Senators hockey team. The couple will seldom even be in the same city together during the next few months. Seems easy to figure that there's just precious little time to be working on babies, right?

Well, there's that. But it isn't the main reason. According to Underwood, she's actually locked into a "pregnancy pact" she made with friends, allowing them to (hopefully) all start families together.

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"Me and a few female friends are going to try to have children around the same time," Underwood revealed Thursday in an interview with Nashville's WSIX radio. "That way we can babysit each other's kids and they can grow up to be friends."

Hmmm. Well, I'll say that's a mighty cute idea--but, Carrie, don't be surprised if things don't turn out exactly as you planned. I'm sure I'm not the only gal who'll tell you these matters can be...um...somewhat hard to control!

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Underwood also discussed the new house she and Fisher are building in Ottawa (she says she's only seen it a couple times, and it's still in the works) and admitted to the radio station that her husband is a bigger star than she is in Canada. "When we got married, [in the U.S.] it was like 'Carrie Underwood marries hockey player,' and in Canada, it was like 'Mike Fisher marries singer.'"

Best of luck to you and Mike in your family planning, Carrie! In the meantime, we'll be watching as you hit the road for your Play On tour.


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