Carrie Underwood: Not Your Average Bridezilla

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Carrie Underwood, who's fresh off Wednesday night's successful run at the CMT Awards (she scored two wins, one of them top video of the year), has her mind back on practical matters. Read: Her upcoming wedding to Canadian hockey star Mike Fisher.

Or, perhaps she doesn't quite have her mind on it. "My [wedding] planner's on top of it," she told People this week. "He's doing stuff while I'm out on the road."

As far as I can tell, Underwood's planner has scored the best client on earth. The singer, who is currently busy on tour, is decidedly not your average Bridezilla.

In fact, she seems to have a remarkably laid-back attitude about the entire event, even while admitting to People that few details have been determined and "there's a lot to do."

Still, she doesn't seem a bit worried or pressed for time.

On the day of the wedding? "We'll just show up," she says. "It's mainly about family and friends and the two of us."

The couple has also decided not to open a wedding registry, explaining that having their nearest and dearest at the event will be the best gift of all.

Although, for those who just can't come empty-handed--"a nice bottle of wine" would be welcome, Underwood said. "We can write your name on it and when you come over for dinner, we can break it out." Aw, that's cute!

Underwood is equally carefree about her honeymoon, going the traditional route of leaving travel details up to the groom. "That's Mike's project," she noted. "It's a surprise. I have no clue where we're going, which is nice. I know it will be warm, that's it."

Overall? "It's going to be good no matter what," she asserted, which seems to be the final word on the matter.

Now I'd say that's a healthy attitude. Not to mention pretty refreshing, coming from such a high-profile bride-to-be.

Congrats again, Carrie--it sounds like you've got the right idea about marriage!

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